Friends & Family

Are you concerned about a friend, colleague or family member?

Is someone you care about in an abusive relationship?

Has someone you love been affected by rape or sexual abuse?

You are not alone. We understand.

Contact Us.

When we attempt to contact you we will leave a message unless you tell us it isn’t safe to do so.

If you witness an assault or are worried about someone’s immediate danger call the police on 999.

If you are a friend or family member contacting us on behalf of a survivor, please include confirmation in your message that the survivor has consented to this message being sent on their behalf and that they would like a call from RISE. If this is not stated then we will be unable to contact them. Alternatively, please encourage them to contact RISE directly via The Portal.




Contact Preferences: Is it safe to:


Time Preferences: When is safe to contact you?



Supporting Others

It can be very hard to know how to help someone you think may be affected by abuse or violence.

  • Let them know you are worried and are there to support them
  • Don’t judge them or pressure them to report or to leave
  • Let them make their own decisions.

Encourage them to contact us.

The Portal Confidentiality Policy